Proving Grounds: by Simon King

Until only a few days ago, everything we’ve worked on as a collective since our foundation in 2019 has been pretty much hypothetical. The photography side of things was kind of obvious - we are in a constant state of development and experimentation, but have consistently managed to handle the scenes we encounter in a way that represents our current best efforts. We can make a competent image, but beyond that is essentially everything else. Working towards sequencing those images into a product, and putting that product out there is a real fragility, and over the last few days of launching this website and activating the pre-order system for our debut zine, BARDO, we each felt that vulnerability.

In this way we moved from theory to practice, running the business side of things that will hopefully be what powers our photographic machine for many years to come. We’d had different levels of optimism between us, ranging from absolute skepticism that we would sell anything, to optimism that we would break even and then some.

Proving Grounds by Simon King

The truth of the situation was evident within four days, when we broke even for the cost of printing - a process which we will be actualising by the end of the month. Overwhelming support from a network of peers, colleagues, friends, as well as strangers who simply stumbled across what we were working on.

We are grateful to all who have shown their support by pre-ordering, and to all those who continue to support us in any way they have.
We are looking forward to receiving the next and hopefully final round of test prints within a few days, and after this will be placing the full order for our full first run.

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts on producing our zine! If you enjoyed my photographs here please consider following me on Instagram! I buy all of my film from Analogue Wonderland.